About Us

Our Aims

The Association enables Old Fullerians to meet or keep in touch with one another as well as with the School and its staff. The Association also aims to help the School either as a body or through its individual members; indeed, one of its constitutional objects is “to further the interests of the School by giving it every assistance”.

Contact Between Members

The Association encourages any activities or interests which enable its members to keep in touch with each other and several new initiatives are in the offing. Several clubs are affiliated to the Association for those interested in association football, cricket and golf, and membership of these is officially limited to Old Fullerians. There is also a Masonic Lodge. Other affiliated clubs or societies have come and gone with the years and any initiative to promote or revive one to enlarge the circle of interest available to members of the Association can be guaranteed our support and encouragement; there are proposals for a skiing club! Those members who live a long way from Watford naturally have fewer opportunities to maintain personal contact with others through the Association. However, every paid-up member receives details of the Association’s frequent social events, most of which are listed on the website. The A.G.M. is normally held at the end of February usually in the Fuller Memorial Library. It is open to all members and is followed by a convivial gathering over refreshments. The traditional climax of the Association year is the formal Annual Dinner in the School hall each January. For those able to attend, this one evening alone more than justifies their membership of the Association!

Contact with the School

The Association is represented on the School’s Development Committee, which considers and in part provides for the improvement of the School’s facilities.

Helping the School

The standard of education you received at the School is mainly owed to the will and determination of successive Headmasters and to a dedicated staff, and it is no coincidence that the School has a strong and thriving old boys’ association which has always maintained close links with it.The continuing vitality of the Association, as with any other, does however depend on a constant influx of new members so that past success can be built upon and further success achieved. The Association is only as strong as its membership and its ability to help the School is directly related to its strength. We therefore hope that if you are not already a member, YOU will decide to become one, in which case please complete the online application form. If you still have any doubts, at least join the Association for a trial period and experience the many benefits of membership. You will be made most welcome!